Trellick Tower

The Trellick Tower is probably one of the most iconic examples of council housing in London.

Designed by architect Erno Goldfinger and completed in 1972, Trellick Tower is a 31-story high-rise tower located in the Kensal Town area of West London.

The building is known for its brutalist architecture and is a prime example of the modernist architectural style that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and it has since become a symbol of the council housing movement in London.

I moved to England in 2018 for a job in West London and the most sensible thing to do at the time was to pick a flat in the area. That meant living under the shade of this huge, mighty building.

I'm not going to lie, since the first time I saw it I became quite obsessed by it.

As it often happens, despite living in the area, it took me ages to pick up the camera and take some shots. Sometimes I have the feeling I didn't dare to tackle it.

I eventually managed to take these photos at sunset, on an unexpectedly sunny, early winter afternoon.

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