I have always been drawn to urban landscapes and popular neighborhoods. It might be because of the love for the Hip Hop Culture, the UK Pirate Radio scene and the Detroit techno sound I developed since a fairly early age.

Whatever the reason, when I moved to London the impressive architectural heritage the city had to offer when it comes to public housing became a kind of a playground for me.

I started visiting council estates all across London taking photos and eventually, after a few years, I realised I had pulled together enough material for some series.

This collection of series aims at sharing through my lens what remains of the postwar utopian vision that councils, architects and urban planners tried to pursue through the development of social housing projects in London.

I wanted to capture the peculiarity and character of the architecture, often signed by top-notch, visionary architects, as well as the decaying, dystopian mood these areas nowadays often convey .